When the Lord called Mullery Jean-Pierre out of corporate America to become the pastor of Beraca Baptist Church, he left his position at a Wall Street firm and never looked back. He served the small congregation of 1400 members for over two years without taking a salary but simply trusting the Lord. Under his leadership the Lord grew Beraca Baptist Church to a multicultural congregation of over nine hundred from approximately 14 different nationalities. Born in Haiti to a Haitian father and Dominican mother, he married a Jamaican woman, together they raised six children. Their oldest son married a Puerto Rican woman, their oldest daughter married an African America man and with the addition of a Trinidadian and Belizean sister-in-laws Mullery felt right at home influencing a multicultural congregation.  As his desire to reach the community grew, Mullery founded the Beraca Community Development Corporation (BCDC). His work in the community includes: youth development programs, a food pantry and serving seniors at a local senior adult day care center and partnering with their local High school to provide employment and mentoring. BCDC has captured the attention of many in the community including those both in the public and private sector. 

After the 7.0 earthquake in Haiti on January 2010, Mullery extended BCDC in to the city of Leogane the epicenter of Haiti's earthquake. His work included implementing a plan to combat the five major problems in Haiti:  spiritual emptiness, selfish leaders, abject poverty, pandemic diseases and illiteracy by planting churches, equipping servant leaders, creating jobs, caring for the sick and educating the next generation all of which BCDC is accomplishing in Haiti.

Pastor Mullery's leadership in the US and in Haiti has gained the recognition from the media, non government organization (NGO's), elected officials and dignitaries alike. His work has been written about in the local newspapers including the NY Times. He was featured on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) and the Public Broadcasting Network (PBS). Mullery was also a guest on Hot 97 Street Soldiers radio program in New York City. On several occasions he has been asked to lead invocational prayer by the Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg. Mullery was featured as a Catalytic Leader by the NYC Leadership Center at their annual Movement Day Event for two consecutive years. He is considered an influential Christian leader by World Vision who invited him to a summit in Washington DC which included a meeting in the White House. He was invited to invitation-only meetings with Department of Housing (DOH) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) who sought advice on how to better inform the church community on the services the government can provide to the churches.

Mullery serves in the executive capacity with several organizations: 
Converge Worldwide Haitian Ministry Expansion Team (HMET) Director. His priority is church planting and church strengthening in the Haitian community. City Action Coalition: A NYC based association of pastors and market place leaders whose goal is to train 10,000 young adults in media, politics, government and business for the sole purpose of bringing change to those institutions from the inside out. As a 69th precinct Clergy Council (Vice President) he also serves the community with the NY Police Department; Antioch School of Church Planting and Leadership Development as director of the East Coast & Caribbean region.

With an active schedule, Mullery's priority is to his wife Cacheta and children. Together their family serves their extended family at Beraca Baptist Church in Brooklyn NY.